Papa GaGa welcomes fan phone calls

Home closure will give residents some respite

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Westlife have not started to think about life after the band yet but admit they had been expecting their split for a few years.

Mark Feehily said: ‘We’re not going anywhere just yet, so I’m not thinking about it.

‘I don’t know whether I’m doing it subconsciously or on purpose. But I think we’ve been preparing for the idea that it’s not going to last forever for a few years now.’

I must admit I had been hoping the same for quite a while too!

After recent years’ shows at the Kings Theatre 10CC are marking their 40th anniversary in 2012 by embarking on a nine-date UK tour in April and May next year. However, the only member of the group’s original line-up hitting the road will be frontman Graham Gouldman. Unfortunately the closest gig to us on this tour is Cardiff.

Adele confesses she’s never uttered the words ‘I love you’ to any of her partners because she struggles to open up about her feelings. But she recently decided to right her past wrongs by penning heartfelt notes to the exes she did have strong feelings for, after taking heed of a pal’s wise words.

The BBC’s announced that the official music for its Olympic coverage will be provided by Elbow, who have composed a song for use throughout the games. They should have used their song One Day Like This to represent the games. Like the Olympics, it’s epic and memorable and also, like the Olympics, it’s slow and drags on a bit.

The Wanted say they would give Frankie Cocozza a record deal. Luckily they don’t have that kind of power. They don’t even dress themselves! And Coldplay have reportedly agreed to duet with a contestant during this year’s X Factor final. They did want to perform with Janet Devlin, mainly because her morose whining makes Chris Martin sound like Timmy Mallet, but unfortunately she’s gone.

Lady GaGa is constantly bombarded with fan phone calls whenever she visits her parents, because her dad refuses to change the family’s home number. She said: ‘I’m sure we’re going to get lots of phone calls now on Christmas day. But the phone is always ringing and he goes, “Hold on, it’s Alicia from Tennessee”. And then he hands me the phone and I’m like, “Hi Alicia”. And they go, “Oh my god, it’s really you!”. It’s really sweet.’