Paper cups at Waitrose is hardly the end of the world

Waitrose customers aren't happy with paper cups
Waitrose customers aren't happy with paper cups
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There’s been some furious tutting in the aisles at the Waitrose store in Chichester as the café there has ditched china. Now customers have to drink from paper cups and eat from paper plates.

How appalling! Even my butler choked on his triangle of quiche when he found out about this.

You’re not sipping an espresso down a cobbled side street in Venice, flicking through your tourist guide as the sun goes down

One customer complained: “If you go into Waitrose, you expect to be able to drink a cup of coffee from a real cup. You even get that in Sainsbury’s in Chichester.’

Does she think that people eat off the floor in Asda?

Apparently, angry regulars are threatening to boycott the Chi Waitrose in what has been dubbed the ‘most middle-class row ever’.

I can just imagine them, standing outside the store in their waxed jackets and jodhpurs with their strange 1980s hairstyles, chanting in the best Queen’s English.

‘What do we want? China plates. When do we want them? Now!’

When they’re expecting large numbers of people in my local boozer, they’ll serve drinks in plastic glasses.

Now I admit I’m not a fan, but it’s hardly the end of the world and it’s never crossed my mind that I’ll start drinking in the Dog and Duck in protest.

One Waitrose customer said she liked her coffee in a china mug like they do it in Italy and France. Come on madam, you’re in a supermarket for God’s sake!

You’re not sipping an espresso down a cobbled side street in Venice, flicking through your tourist guide as the sun goes down.

Just get on with it and stop moaning. I think some people are getting delusions of grandeur just because they shop somewhere that is seen as being superior to other stores.

Another customer said she loved shopping in Waitrose because of the ‘creative’ products it sells.

What! Does the Cypriot light halloumi play trombone as you make your way around the store?

Chichester has only just got over the horror of Poundland opening there. Now it’s paper cups and plates at Waitrose.

Where will it end?

I’m surprised the PC brigade allowed a man to be the hero

The Milk Tray man is back, sneaking through ladies’ windows in his black rollneck sweater.

In the current climate I’m surprised they’ve allowed a man to be the hero and not chosen an androgynous robot to appease the easily-offended.

He was posing next to a helicopter in one promo I saw.

Now I’m really not quite sure why the helicopter was needed, as the box is so small nowadays it could probably be delivered on a paper aeroplane.

To me, the taste of the Milk Tray assortment is hardly anything to write home about either.

But the Mrs thinks he looks the part and I suppose that might help to shift a few batches of the chocs.

And that’s the name of the game, isn’t it?

It’s the government that has to close the tax loopholes

So Google is the latest company to come under fire for not paying tax to the government.

The thing is though, it is paying tax just like everyone else.

That is, Google pays the minimum legally required of it.

I can’t say I’ve knowingly paid more than I have to. Who does?

If you don’t have to pay it, then you’re not going to are you?

I’ve never seen a queue of people down Lynx House in Cosham banging down the door so they can pay HMRC more of their hard-earned wages.

Google, Starbucks and Amazon etc are doing nothing illegal.

I reckon it’s the government that needs to close the tax loopholes.