Pass a tissue, I’ve got grit in my eye

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It has now come and gone, that big milestone in every child’s life that is discussed from the moment they are born and only happens once.

At first it seems so far away and then it is with you before you know it and you’re left wondering where the last four years went.

Alyssa has now experienced her first day at school.

Everything was prepared in advance.

She had visited the school so she knew what to expect and it would be familiar on her first day.

We also had her school uniform ironed and ready to be worn.

So everything was covered and there was nothing that would surprise us on the day.

Well almost.

One thing I wasn’t expecting was the lump in my throat when I said goodbye to Alyssa and left her sitting on the classroom floor with her new classmates who possibly might become her friends for life.

I might have had a bit of ‘dust’ in my eyes too. Well, it was something that needed to be wiped away...