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I think it’s about time we all got a bit more German. Portsmouth City Council’s Green Waste Club is just swinging into action.

It’s the city’s first foray into kerbside green waste collection and as the title suggests, you get newsletters, social media updates… ooo, maybe you’ll get a nice little badge or a secret hand gesture that you can throw out to other club members when you see them being all eco-friendly. The green-finger?

Don’t get me wrong I’m a green-machine at heart and I’m all for a spot of composting.

And anything that encourages recycling is great, although I do wonder if the £30-£40 price tag for the Green-Goddess bin will put off potential recruits?

The biggest shock for me is that this is all happening in 2013.

It’s unfair to single out the city council for being slow off the mark, as a collective in one giant kingdom we’re all as bad as each other.

If there was a league table for recycling in Europe we’d be likened to a shabby, bloated, roll-up-toting Sunday league football team compared to the likes of Sweden (Barcelona) or Germany (Real Madrid).

Ten years ago I was living in Germany and the day we moved into our house we were given three different coloured bins – paper/plastic, organic (with a huge eco-bin outside) and tins/bottles.

At the time I laughed in Wolfgang’s face, who can be bothered with this malarkey?

It transpired that they’d been at it for years and he nearly cracked a smile when I told him we still just plonked everything in the same bin.

Germany and its inhabitants traditionally come in for a lot of jip, but there are some cultural nuances that we could/should poach.

On Sunday in Germany it’s against the law to hang out your washing or cut your lawn. Shopping hours are hugely restricted and trucks aren’t allowed on the autobahn (unless they’re refrigerated).

Why? To preserve one day of family-ness.

No chores, no work, no shopping – a day of rest.

Lederhosen me up, I’m in.