Pass the pump, I’m feeling faint

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An empty plastic bottle and a toilet roll tube are just some of the things that my daughters have used as toys while their actual toys that cost time and money are sitting there unused.

Last week I told you about how an empty box gave them hours of entertainment. Actually it’s quite nice to see that fun can be had without a decrease in my bank account.

Well, my daughters now have something new they like to play with that doesn’t cost the earth, but to be honest I’m not as happy about this one.

They love to play with balloons, the perfect toy as they’re fun, portable and inexpensive. But balloons sometimes go pop and this is where the problem lies.

Alyssa decided to use her balloon as a chair and you can guess what happened next.

How do you explain to a one-year-old that a burst balloon can’t be put back together?

Of course I blew up a new one for her which she was happy with, until that one popped. I must remember to buy a balloon pump, I’m feeling faint.