Pass the sick bag please, I’m off to sea with a trawlerman

COMMENT: A move in the right direction but still not a win for all

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As you read this I’m packing my bags for an interesting but stomach-churning adventure. I’m producing a short documentary on the real life of a trawlerman.

Commercial fishermen get a hard time. ‘Pillagers of the sea’ they’re regularly called by the same people who enjoy a weekly portion of fish and chips or a tuna sandwich.

I’m hoping to capture how these grafting seadogs craft their trade, while still respecting the environment around them.

‘Hoping’ is the key word in all of this. We set sail from Cornwall at 3am and return to land 17 hours later.

For many this wouldn’t be a problem.

But for a man who was once a little gippy on the Gosport Ferry, it’s a major concern.