Penny’s making a giant leap for the Lido and that’s fine by me

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Lush bod love! I’ve been looking at the photo of the rather deliciously curvaceous Portsmouth North MP Penny Mordaunt (40).

Tonight Ms Mordaunt will be appearing on ITV’s Splash!, where she will be one of the ‘celebrities’ taking a dive.

During the first series of Splash! I wrote in this column how dullsville the programme is. Now I’m watching its second series, I haven’t really changed my mind.

I do giggle at the contestants during training though, and I think their ‘in the blink of an eye’ dive deserves pixie points for bravery.

The actual diving doesn’t take long.

But the rest of the 90- minute programme is padded out with presenters Gabby Logan and the irritatingly whiney-voiced Vernon Kay waffling.

I spend most of the show’s broadcast yelling at the gogglebox ‘come on, get on with it.’

Apart from the five celebrity contestants, there are a couple of highlights for me.

One is diving judge and comedienne Jo Brand.

Last week, after Paul Ross’s traumatic dive, she commented that she knew how scared he was because that’s how she feels when booked for cage fighting at the Women’s Institute.

Don’t you just love her?

And of course the second highlight for me, and eye candy for an OAP dear, is the rather delish Olympian and dive mentor Tom Daley.

Such a cutie-pie.

Anyway back to Penny Mordaunt MP, who is giving her £10,000 Splash! fee to The Hilsea Lido Pool for the People.

Brilliant idea.

It would take a lot of ‘bring and buy’ sales and raffles to raise that sort of dosh darlings.

Of course it’s kicked off in the city.

People aren’t holding back with the fors and againsts.

There are many saying that it’s undignified for an MP to appear on such a TV show, and they fear she may neglect her constituents.

Listen, if an MP is prepared to get her kit orf to raise £10k to help her constituents, then I’m right behind her.

You go girl!

Let’s just hope Penny’s dive doesn’t turn out to be a belly flop.