People have the right to be treated decently at work

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So a pensioner from Portsmouth has been banned from her local bingo hall after swearing at staff in a row over the Christmas meal.

The News reported that Teresa Plummer has been a member of Crown Bingo in London Road, North End for 28 years and attends on a regular basis.

It’s no good saying it’s the season of goodwill and they should let her off

There’s been some whining that Crown Bingo has been too harsh and should have shown more leniency. The age card seems to have been played a lot.

But whether you’re 77 or 17, I think that’s irrelevant here.

Had this been a 20-year-old, I suspect the words ‘chav’ and ‘yob’ would have been thrown around.

People have the right to be treated decently in their place of work. I’m sure there are ways of making a complaint without directing a volley of abuse at staff members.

It’s no good saying it’s the season of goodwill and they should let her off.

Goodwill goes both ways. If Crown Bingo was to let this one slide, what sort of example would that be for other members?

If you’re ‘eyes down’ at the local bingo hall and are having some food as well, you’re not expecting haute cuisine are you?

Michel Roux Jr isn’t going to be in the kitchen carving the turkey!

Apparently it’s Teresa’s only social outlet and she doesn’t see ‘a soul from one day to the next’.

Well I’m sure there are plenty of other activities on offer in the city. They might not be as good as the bingo, but they may fill the void for the next three months.

So she has arthritis and going to bingo is keeping her active. Really? I can’t see how playing the sympathy card here is going to work.

Pushing a dobber on to a bit of paper isn’t keeping someone active. It’s hardly musical chairs, is it?

She could have faced a six-month ban as is apparently standard in these cases, yet has got away with half that.

Teresa, why not just take your medicine in silence?

And when you go back to bingo and next Christmas the sprouts are soggy or the gravy is lumpy, complain quietly.