People might think I have a beardy 27-year-old son

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RICK JACKSON: My long-term bid to become the Fred Dinenage of radio

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Last week my teacher boyfriend came home with a school photo. On his first day in his new school they’d taken photos of all the new staff and students to put on their online system – but he didn’t realise that he’d get a print-out.

It’s a proper one with two big photos, two medium and four small, all in cardboard frames!

I remember my leg muscles started burning as I forced myself up higher as the photographer faffed with his camera

Of course I immediately popped it up on the mantelpiece in pride of place, so now anyone who comes round will think I have a very beardy 27-year-old son!

I think everyone has had a dodgy school photo. Most of them are from your greasy, spotty, teenage years.

My first ever school photo is pretty awful – being the ’90s I’m wearing a scrunchie but it’s bright yellow and as big as my head.

The next year wasn’t much better. My mum had forgotten so my hair hadn’t been done properly that morning and I look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards.

But hey, I guess embarrassing school photos are far more fun!

Jez: When it comes to school photographs, I would always relish spending an hour outside the classroom faffing around on the school field getting into position for the photographer.

This was much more fun than sitting in physics or maths.

I was one of the taller kids in my class, so you would normally find me standing in the back row.

The other day I found a class photo on my old school website and the only person not looking at the camera is me.

I’m right in the back row and appear to be leaning my head to the left. I think I thought my left side was more photogenic.

I was also standing right up on tiptoes attempting to look even taller. I remember my leg muscles started burning as I forced myself up higher as the photographer faffed with his camera.

I look absolutely ridiculous, but at the time I thought this was a cool pose to deploy.

I think workplaces should continue taking school-style photos.

I know I’d enjoy everybody assembling in the car park for a group shot each year.