People need to be patient while driving

Gosport is a peninsula. Its scenic coastline overlooks the Solent and attracts large volumes of traffic.

Friday, 18th March 2016, 6:25 am

The infrastructure is extensively over used by existing traffic.

When a road accident occurs, there is absolute gridlock and miles of traffic jams occur in every direction.

Motorists get hot under the collar knowing their regular commute to work will be mind-blowingly slow as the traffic moves inch by inch along the A32.

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However, when the A32 or A27 become inaccessible, there is utter chaos around the area.

Only last week such an occurrence happened, with a fatal crash involving a motorcyclist and a lorry at the Hoeford Inn area of Fareham Road.

Comments posted by local residents during and after the event on social media showed that people were not aware of all the facts.

Three accidents in a tight framework of time and location meant police were stretched to their limits, as were ambulance crews.

Air ambulance and crash scene investigators meant the main access road was shut to 1pm.

People travelling for routine shopping and playschool pick-ups could have walked.

Common sense should prevail in emergencies and people should think about whether their journey is really necessary.

The Rapid bus route was opened to ease congestion from Wych Lane, allowing people with appointments at QA Hospital to attend them, as well as the staff to do their afternoon shifts.

As I walked my dog 
Jack Serendipity at 8am, police cars sped down Carisbrooke Road towards Fareham Road.

Shortly afterwards another accident happened on Rowner Road, sending additional emergency services whizzing to that scene, while Tukes Avenue was the third location of yet another accident.

Praise goes to all emergency services involved and prayers for the family of 25-year-old Daniel Stone who tragically died of his injuries.

Yes, people need to travel to their destinations, yet sometimes patience is needed to stop road rage making already stressful driving conditions boil over to melting point.

Thank you for making Gosport safer by driving safely.

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Wishing you all a peaceful week. Tina. X