People should get jobs based on ability, not their gender

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For the past week it feels like I’ve been almost constantly up a ladder, paintbrush in hand, face contorted into various hideous aspects while trying not to muck up my cutting in by putting wall paint on the ceiling and vice versa.

I have managed, in between hanging on to ladder rungs by my toenails, to hear some news mainly delivered by the medium of Absolute Radio 90s.

It’s been an interesting experience, just relying on one source for all my global news.

However, in between paint coats (four of), biscuit breaks (chocolate digestive) and swearing at the person who decided not to put a mist coat on the plaster, I have heard the following.

Jeremy Corbyn got elected to be Labour leader and promptly irritated people by not putting enough women in senior positions in his shadow cabinet and also not singing the National Anthem.

I suspect these two things didn’t happen at quite the same time, though it was difficult to tell.

To be frank, unless you approach an anthem like the Welsh rugby team, staying silent is miles better.

I have found it hard to get aggrieved by either.

It’s my view that people should be given jobs based on ability, not gender, and I don’t think not singing God Save The Queen stops someone leading a political party.

To be frank, unless you approach an anthem like the Welsh rugby team, staying silent is miles better.

Elsewhere in the news I’ve learned that the Warner-owned copyright for Happy Birthday might be expiring early, meaning – joy of joys – it can be used in films and TV shows without incurring vast royalty payments.

It remains (and this news is from my friend Claire rather than the radio) the biggest-earning track of all time.

In other news the radio was going a bit crazy for the Battle of Britain historic flypast at Goodwood and how a certain prince gave up his seat in a Spitfire so one of The Few could go up in his place.

By the time of writing this, not only have I finished painting my dining room and stairwell, I’ve also decided that, as good as the radio and my friend Claire are, it’s best to get news from a variety of places.