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Faced with so many complaints, what else could the police in Fareham do?

We understand that there will sometimes be differences in opinion between residents and those involved in running late-night pubs and clubs.

But the problems those living near Chicago Rock in Fareham have had to face are simply not acceptable.

People have been woken up regularly in the early hours of the morning by those who are so worse for wear that they appear to be incapable of realising that their fun might be spoiling a good night’s sleep for someone else.

Of course, later opening hours aren’t automatically bad for an area.

Many people do enjoy going out and not having to be back in their beds like Cinderella before the stroke of midnight.

Plenty of people can have a good night out without disturbing others.

But in cases where there has been an historic problem, it is right that the police should be able to ask licensing officers to step in.

Some control needs to be taken here and cutting Chicago Rock’s opening hours might be the solution others have been looking for.

Police licensing officer PC Jason Pearce makes some very good points.

He thinks it’s wrong that other people are expected to put up with the selfish anti-social behaviour of a few – and we totally agree with him.

If those who enjoy going to this particular night club think that urinating in people’s gardens and shouting as they make their way home is acceptable, then they deserve to have their fun spoilt.

As the only place open past midnight in Fareham, Chicago Rock was lucky enough to have no late-night competition.

Of course, if the police’s application to have its opening hours cut back to midnight go ahead, those who want to enjoy a night out in the town will find their evening cut short.

But that is only right and proper when you consider the fact that the residents living nearby have had their peace and quiet disturbed for a lot longer than that.