People who hurt defenceless animals really make me sick

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Animal cruelty is something that I cannot abide.

It makes me sick to my stomach that there are individuals out there who think it’s okay to hurt a defenceless creature.

I read recently that a cat was attacked and left for dead just because it had facial markings that apparently resembled Adolf Hitler.

The terrified seven-year-old called Baz was found cowering in a bin by his distressed owner.

He had been repeatedly kicked and his eye was so badly swollen it had to be removed.

Seriously, what the heck is wrong with some people in this world?

The vet who treated Baz said it would be some time before he would be able to go outside again.

I know that if it had happened to one of my cats, the last thing I would do is let it out again, especially when I knew there was a sick yob walking the streets.

Even worse now is that every thug has a mobile phone.

They can use them to proudly film an attack and then show the footage to their mates, or upload it to Twitter or Facebook as some sort of disgusting trophy.

I’ve seen a number of images on Facebook depicting evil acts against animals.

In one, a 16-year-old lad is shown punching a Staffordshire bull terrier.

In another, somebody is savagely kicking a cat under the heading LOL.

It’s all very upsetting and I just can’t begin to understand the people who do this kind of thing.

And you know what’s really worrying? I don’t think animal abuse is the result of a minor personality flaw.

No, I believe it can be symptomatic of much deeper psychological issues.

I’ve seen research that shows people who commit these appalling assaults on animals rarely stop there.

They can quite easily move on to vent their aggression on fellow humans.

It is simply not enough these days to ban somebody who inflicts pain and suffering on an animal from keeping pets for life.

So here’s an idea.

We neuter our pets, so why not do the same to the mindless thugs who commit such appalling acts of cruelty?