Peppa’s been in the headlines

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Peppa Pig in swearing storm’ was a headline I didn’t think I’d ever see.

Apparently the TV show aimed at the pre-school market and enjoyed by my two-year-old daughter Alyssa has been accused by a mum of including a word in one of its five-minute episodes beginning with an F – obviously not deemed suitable for its audience.

Apparently her toddler daughter started saying a swear word after copying what she had heard on her favourite television show. It occurs in an episode where Daddy Rabbit refers to a band called The Rocking Gazelles.

It’s the word ‘rocking’ that is accused of sounding like something it shouldn’t.

As my daughters enjoy watching Peppa Pig we have a few DVDs of the show, and we do have the one with the alleged offending word.

I watched it and personally don’t think it sounds like a swear word, more like a case of a word being misheard just like the word ‘fork’ or ‘sheet’ could be misheard.

But it does make for a good headline that did its job by grabbing my attention!