Perhaps it’s time that us adults should practise what we preach

Picture: Ian Hargreaves

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For those of you who have seen me at Wave 105 gigs before, you will have worked out that my weight gain programme has only been a partial success and I still have some way to go.

For those of you that haven’t, picture me as the thinking woman’s Russell Grant.

Yes, I love my food and often feel a little victimised by the ‘thin brigade.’

However, I do realise the dangers of over-eating and the health risks associated with obesity.

So even I recoiled in horror when I came across a giant hotdog that has been created, which is more than a metre long and filled with 1.5kg of sausage and 450g of homemade chilli, plus lashings of cheese.

The largest chilli cheese hotdog in Europe will set you back £29.95, or it’s free if you can eat it within an hour.

This is the latest in a long line of food challenges at a restaurant, which also boasts a 1.4kg (3lb) cheeseburger.

Dean Key, director of Smokey’s Joint in Walsall, says that the most anyone has managed to eat is about half. The real struggle they had was sourcing a really big sausage.

Eventually they got a local butcher to supply the meat, which he uses to fill extra-large sausage skins ordered especially from Holland. It’s pure beef sausage.

Now this all sounds like a bit of gargantuan, harmless fun until you realise that ‘The Monster Dog’ also contains about 13,000 calories.

It also boasts 1kg of fat, 34,274mg of salt and 523g of saturated fat.

If you are one of those people who look at the labelling on the front of food packaging as a percentage of your daily intake, you’ll have worked out that is more horrific than calorific!

I am all for the education of children in a balanced diet coupled with exercise to maintain a healthy weight.

But I sometimes think us adults are using them as a scapegoat or cover up for our own failings.

Perhaps we should start practising what we preach!

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