Peter Pan of pop maybe, but Cliff really should start acting his age

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Has anyone seen the cover photo for the 2013 Cliff Richard calendar?

It features Cliff riding a jet ski, topless apart from a life jacket. Now, I’m not being ageist, but Cliff Richard is 72 years of age.

It’s not right that a 72- year-old man should be riding a jet ski. It’s not even right that he should be photographed posing on a jet ski even if he’s not riding it!

Can we please have a Cliff calendar that has him doing the things a normal 72-year-old man would be doing?

How about one with pictures of him taking his false teeth out to remove a toffee that’s stuck to them?

Or a photo of him tucked up in bed with a mug of cocoa watching the Antiques Roadshow?

I know he’s the Peter Pan of pop, but a jet ski is a step too far!

I went to Waterstones yesterday to spend some book vouchers and in among the travel books they had a section called Aspirational Travel.

Now, I assume ‘aspirational travel’ means books on places you would aspire to visit.

But surely, if you’re buying any kind of travel book on a country, it would be a country you would want to visit, wouldn’t it?

What would be the point of buying a travel book on Egypt, if you had absolutely no intention of visiting the place?

That would be ridiculous. So, can someone please explain to me what an ‘aspirational travel’ book is?

I haven’t been too impressed with the Christmas TV so found myself watching a rerun of Mastermind on one of the nostalgia channels. And something struck me about it.

Why do none of the contestants pick specialist subjects relating to their jobs?

A lot of the contestants are librarians, but is their specialist subject ever books? No! A lot of the contestants are head teachers, but do they ever pick British education policy? It’s no wonder they never do as well as they think they will!