Pets can be a joy, but are no substitute for humans

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How often have you heard someone say that so-and-so treats their pet like a human?

But is that really the case? We’d never be so cold-hearted or hostile to an animal, yet we do it to people.

The fact is it’s much easier to communicate and be demonstrative to our pets than with one another.

At one time, when a friend of mine bought a puppy, I took on the responsibility of taking it for a walk in the park at lunchtimes.

I had no difficulty in engaging in an amicable conversation with a passing stranger when I had Daisy Doodle with me.

They’d say ‘what’s her name’?,’isn’t she a cutie’, or ‘come and sit on my lap (the the dog, not me!)

Today when I’m out riding my horse Aslan, I often come into contact with dog walkers, who exchange pleasantries,whilst giving my equine friend a pat on the head.

But on my own I avoid the possible social interaction with strangers.

It seems I’m not the only one as the average Englishman/woman will get out of striking up a conversation with an unknown person unless they have certain props on hand i.e a hound,a cute child or a facilitator like alcohol to help the process along.

But heaven forbid you criticise their pooch. That’s a big no-no and just not ‘petiquette’.

Then there are the folks who object to being jumped over, clawed and pawed by animals that are generally just being a little over-zealous.

They don’t understand that animals can provide an all-important outlet for our emotion, especially for the elderly or those who live alone.

Couples too can benefit – it seems it’s often easier for those who have a problem expressing feelings to one another to do it through an animal.

When my friend’s parents are annoyed with each other, they do it through their Labrador.

If someone has ruffled my feathers, they’ll know about it from yours truly and not via my cat. Because while pets are a joy to have in my life, they’re no substitute for human company and interaction.