Phew! It’s no wonder I fell asleep in the sunshine

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Haven’t the ever-changing weather conditions over the past few months been baffling? We’ve had one extreme to the other, but I certainly wasn’t complaining about the sunshine we enjoyed at the weekend.

I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever donned a bikini and sunbathed on October 1 before – unless we’re talking about my days growing up in Australia, when October marks the beginning of the summer season.

I actually fell asleep basking in the sunshine down in Old Portsmouth on Saturday and, in the words of my ma ‘it really could have been anywhere in the world’. It was truly beautiful.

Having spent most of last week in the Big Smoke, jumping on and off the Tube and racing around from meeting to meeting, catching only small glimpses of sky between high-rise buildings, I really did count my lucky stars that I was able to join the rest of Pompey and make the most of our stunning coastal location.

But in true Gibbsy style, the weekend didn’t get off to a relaxing start after my sister, Jo, asked me to look after her children.

Not wanting to stay in the confines of my house, I took them down to Southsea – something I thought would be relatively straightforward.

Hell, no! Just trying to park her giant people carrier was one thing, but getting all three kids out of the car and into their buggies (which should come with assembly manuals) was very stressful.

By the time we walked them to Wimpy and Pirate Pete’s, I thought the tension would melt away. But my nephew decided that his chicken nuggets and chips clearly looked better all over the floor and found the whole thing hilarious.

Meanwhile I was slowly roasting inside and a sweaty Betty on the outside. My partner Matt looked like he was going to suffer a hernia at any point.

Then my three-year-old niece somehow managed to run out of sight and into Pirate Pete’s. This meant a very stressed Auntie Chezzy had to follow her in.

So, £30 later, all kids were finally fed, watered, happy and back with their rightful owners. No wonder I fell asleep in the sun. I take my hat off to parents everywhere. They deserve a medal.