‘Phillip Schofield bought David’s poster’

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Whilst filming Cash In The Celebrity Attic, Gloria Hunniford and I visited the home of American music promoter David Gest.

We were briefed that David collected music and film memorabilia, though nothing could prepare me for what I would find.

Lining the hallway from floor to ceiling were framed gold music discs from the Rolling Stones and The Doors and in the dining room was a cocktail bar from a film starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

It had all started when he and a young Michael Jackson, both film and movie fanatics, started collecting ephemera and memorabilia, often swapping things with each other.

Being in the music business and friends with some of the biggest names didn’t blunt David’s enthusiasm for collecting.

In fact it just gave him more opportunities to acquire things from source.

One of David’s items on the show, a framed contract signed by himself, Michael Jackson and Nelly Furtado, sold for £4,500.

Among his collection was a mass of film posters, mostly professionally linen-backed for conservation.

On learning that Gloria Hunniford had a forthcoming charity auction for her Caron Keating Foundation, David generously donated three posters.

I was the auctioneer on the night, sharing the stage with Christopher Biggins, and had the great pleasure of selling one of the posters to Phillip Schofield, who bought it to hang in his family cinema room.

The three posters eventually sold for around £7,000.

And David’s Cash In The Celebrity Attic episode made the most money of any celebrity to appear on the show.