Piers Morgan demands answers over London knife crime but there is no quick fix '“ Lesley Keating

In the wake of more fatal stabbings in the capital, Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan was grilled by Piers Morgan about knife crime and how exactly he planned to stop it. Â

Friday, 9th November 2018, 3:19 pm
Updated Monday, 12th November 2018, 1:46 pm
Sadiq Khan was grilled by Piers Morgan over knife crime

It was a really tense argument with Piers in full baiting mode, interrupting continually and insisting something be done about it instantly.

Like most people, I can see that knife crime is growing and it's a very worrying trend with more and more teenage boys and young men tragically falling victim to this. 

And, yes, you can, in part, blame Teresa May for cutting the number of officers on patrol, for the surge of lawlessness in London and other cities. But that's only part of the issue. 

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Mayor of London Sadiq Khan PRESS ASSOCIATION

So, Piers, what exactly is Sadiq Khan supposed to do? 

He certainly struggled trying to answer your relentless barrage of quick-fire questions while explaining that he was trying to find a solution.

Having more officers on the street would definitely help but Sadiq hasn't the sole power to reinstate them and, last time I looked, he wasn't a fairy with a magic wand either. 

Many people interviewed have suggested that it's not safe to walk around the streets of London now for fear of being knifed.

I have a daughter in London, so I naturally worry over her safety but let's keep a sense of perspective.

Susanna Reid, sat next to Piers on the sofa, demanded emotionally to know whether her own teenagers were still safe out in London but '“ I'm sticking my neck out here '“ I'd suggest yes, they most likely are.

Are all these perpetrators really random weirdos who feel the need to stab any innocent passer-by walking in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Or is there sadly something far more insidious and deep-rooted happening here such as gang '˜respect' issues and drugs-related attacks?

I think we all know there's more to be considered than just knife crime on its own. There is a whole sub-culture out there to address and that is no '˜quick fix'. 

So, Piers, over to you. What do you suggest? 

How well do you know your Thesis from your Monitor? 

The son of a friend was in a shopping centre when he was approached by a man with a clip board asking random general knowledge questions in return for a free coffee-shop voucher. After opting to answer a Greek mythology question, he was asked '˜Who Slayed Medusa?' 

After a little deliberation, he finally answered '˜Thesis?'

Followed by '˜Oh, no, wait, not Thesis.  He killed the Monitor, didn't he?'

I like the modern, technological twist he gave to the legend of Theseus and the Minotaur, but I'd have paid good money to see clipboard man's face.  Wonder if he gave him a '˜stony look''¦?

Our friend's son still got a voucher for trying anyway. (The correct answer was Perseus by the way).   

Add hypocrite to the list of insults hurled at Jeremy Kyle 

Jeremy Kyle isn't everyone's cup of tea. Sometimes I think he's a pompous, arrogant and irritating twit, but, at other times, he has a point, speaks sense and genuinely helps people move on. 

Particularly those with addictions. I'm not debating whether or not dirty laundry should be aired on TV for entertainment but there's something that bothers me deeply.

Jeremy has admitted past issues with gambling addiction and claims this gives him the edge.   

But, considering the misery gambling can cause, isn't it somewhat immoral that he's sponsored by online gambling and bingo companies?

How responsible. Well done Jeremy'¦