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Ooh, it was like Niagara Falls dear.

On Tuesday morning I was at the Asda checkout in Portsmouth when, whoosh, the drainage pipe from the roof burst. Within seconds gallons of water gushed out, flooding the floor.

Staff sprung into action, swabbing the decks and shepherding shoppers to safety. Very impressive.

But I was not so impressed when I checked my receipt from last week’s shopping at Sainsbury’s in Southsea.

The two meat deals with £2 off each had not been deducted, so I was overcharged by £4. Not a happy bunny.

So off I stomped and it turned out that one of the £2 offs had been deducted, on the BACK of the till receipt.

I’ve been food shopping for 42 years, and have never seen a shop receipt continued on the back. Anyway, the money was refunded. But I’m still not happy.