Pizza by the sea was better than a fancy restaurant

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It was my birthday this week. I am now 29 years old and feel that I’m heading for a bit of a mid-life crisis when I turn 30 next year.

You’d better all watch out, trust me. Getting to the big 3-0 is not going to go down well!

It’s a funny age really, being in your late 20s. You’re not an adolescent any more, but nor are you the older ‘stay at home’ type.

I’m kinda in between, a wayward soul if you like, wandering around searching for some clue to what life’s all about as the years tick by.

Dramatic? Possibly. But I admit that I’m now having a slight panic about getting to the sort of age where I have to be responsible.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a fab birthday and was spoilt rotten by my family and friends.

My partner, Matt, bless him, actually bought me four outfits with absolutely no help from anyone.

I admit they were all lovely – I was most impressed.

I think there is a future for him as the new Gok Wan, as his taste in women’s clothes is quite exceptional. Should I be worried?

All of the outfits looked fab and, even if I say so myself, complemented my figure rather well. He must have really thought about what my ‘assets’ were – hee hee.

Some people think I’m a little mad because of what I chose for my birthday evening treat. But I reckon it was so romantic.

Instead of going to a fancy restaurant or booking to see a theatre show or something, I opted for a pizza takeaway in the car pulled up next to Hayling beach.

Do you know what? It was perfect! We had pizza and wedges and I had wine (clearly Matt was going to drive – there were no arguments about that on my birthday).

Matt’s friend at work also made me the biggest banoffee pie that I think I’ve ever seen. So after the pizza, I managed to munch my way through that as well. It was divine.

There we were, sat in the car, pulled up on the seafront eating away and it felt absolutely perfect.

It just goes to show, you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a fab time!