Plan to save HMS Caroline is great news for our city

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When we first revealed that a plan to save HMS Caroline had been launched, we stressed that political squabbles and petty disputes couldn’t be allowed to get in the way.

We’ve always felt that it’s vital that we preserve the last remaining survivor from the crucial Battle of Jutland and that’s why we’re delighted to hear Dominic Tweddle speak out so positively on the subject today.

The director-general of the National Museum of the Royal Navy says HMS Caroline’s future is safe – and that’s certainly cause for a celebration.

Professor Tweddle has revealed that all parties involved are committed to saving the historic ship.

And while precise details of the heritage scheme involved are yet to be finalised, the fact that so much work has already gone in to saving the First World War cruiser gives us hope for the future.

Of course we would be delighted to welcome Caroline to Portsmouth.

We have a well-established reputation for being a world leader when it comes to naval heritage and that’s something we take pride in and have built up over the years.

Our city’s historic dockyard contains many treasures and we should now relish the opportunity to add another to our chest.

While historic ships such as HMS Victory and HMS Warrior are a sight to behold, there are those who believe that our collection should also contain more up-to-date vessels.

As it stands, no-one could accuse the National Museum of the Royal Navy from lacking anything.

But we should always be open to new opportunities that would give us a chance to shine even more.

The role that HMS Caroline played in the First World War cannot be overstated, so it’s clear she would be an excellent added attraction to delight tourists and residents alike.

But at the end of the day, if the decision made is that Caroline should stay in Belfast, then that will be better than seeing her scrapped.

What matters most is that HMS Caroline has been saved.