Plan to tackle bottleneck will be worth it in the end

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Motorists might let out a groan when they first learn of plans to widen a notorious stretch of the Eastern Road in Portsmouth.

Any roadworks on that particular route in and out of our city will be bound to cause some disruption, no matter how carefully plans are made in advance.

But we urge people to be patient because the end result should be worth it.

At the moment, there’s a bottleneck where this busy road turns into a single carriageway.

Adding an extra lane should allow the traffic to flow more freely and that’s something anyone who travels that way regularly will welcome.

Weekday commuters know only too well how congested the Eastern Road gets at peak times.

Let’s remember that this isn’t just one of our busiest roads – it’s one of the only routes we have leading in and out.

Hold-ups here don’t simply vanish when the weekend comes.

When Pompey are playing at home, or the sun is shining and people head for the beach, they often find themselves having to battle through the traffic here before they reach their intended destination.

But a dual carriageway between Swordsands Road and Velder Avenue should alleviate some of the problems – and that would be the type of achievement not to be under-estimated.

Of course, the proposed changes won’t work miracles. Travelling in and around Portsmouth will always be tricky because of the cramped nature of our city.

That’s why finding ways to take cars off the roads will continue to be so important in the future.

Portsmouth City Council must explore the feasibility of better, more regular, park and ride schemes. It must also ensure that as many people as possible are encouraged to use public transport.

But in the meantime it makes perfect sense to put money and effort into solving existing hot-spots that do stand a chance of being fixed.

And that’s why a short period of inconvenient roadworks should pay off in the long run.