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A plan to make a car park in Portsmouth look more attractive certainly sounds like a common sense idea.

As it stands, the site of the old Tricorn does nothing to make our city look like an appealing place to visit.

Those who drive past the Market Way car park every day have probably got used to the drab view that greets them on one of the major routes in to the city.

But it’s always a good idea to consider what a fresh pair of eyes would make of the landscape and, at the moment, there’s definitely room for improvement here.

The Portsmouth Society has put forward what sounds like a perfectly reasonable and simple solution.

We’re not surprised its members have been left frustrated, then, after their suggestion was met with an almost deafening silence from owner Centros.

A few bushes, plants and miniature trees wouldn’t hide what is essentially a large space to park cars. But it would make the area look a little brighter and a good deal more interesting.

For the society to hear nothing for almost a year isn’t on. At the very least, Centros owed these people the common courtesy of some sort of reply.

We would expect the company to welcome the society’s interest – especially as the proposal doesn’t involve asking Centros to fund the sprucing-up project.

Let’s hope that the company now takes the words of Steve Pitt – the chairman of Portsmouth Culture Partnership – and the society’s Celia Clark on board.

While we must all accept that keeping people safe is always important, just how dangerous can a few potted plants really be?

With a few sensible precautions, we are certain that a solution can be found in this case.

There must be a way to make this car park look a little easier on the eye, while ensuring that pedestrians and motorists aren’t put at risk.

Centros has made a commitment to Portsmouth and that requires it to engage with the local community. The time has now come for the company to show willing.