Playboy girl must have just taken the plunge for money

COMMENT: University has to prove it offers value for money

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Those of you who used to watch Girls of the Playboy Mansion may remember the outspoken playmate, Kendra Wilkinson?

She went on to marry American football star, Hank Baskett, and moved to the suburbs and started a family…you know, like you do? Well like all stars, or at least all reality stars, the temptations of fame and being in the limelight got the better of Kendra and she signed up to participate in reality TV show Splash which in a nutshell sees celebrity contestants attempt to take part in a swimming diving competition.

When poor Kendra was after refusing to take to the board for her dramatic dive, I’m just wondering why she’d even sign up for the show if she couldn’t jump of the dive board? Ah yes…the cash!