Please tell me the price of your cakes

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Can anyone please explain to me why some cafes are so reluctant to price the mouth-watering cakes in their display cabinets?

Maybe it’s a marketing ploy. We’ve ‘bought’ the cakes with our eyes not our purses, they think.

But I wouldn’t buy clothes or cosmetics without the price being displayed, so why is it different for cakes?

I’d heard that the Yellow Kite Cafe at Southsea Castle was very good.

So last Sunday my girlie pal Loopy Loo and myself toddled down there.

Scrumptious cakes tantalised our taste buds.Yummy.

But no prices. So I asked price, after price, after price.

The staff didn’t seem too pleased with me. I don’t care.

My £1.50 pot of tea was excellent value – three cups – and my £1.50 raspberry scone was tasty.

Plus sitting in Southsea Castle courtyard was fabbo.