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CLIVE SMITH: Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn about Valentine’s Day

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Something is starting to annoy me about social networking. You know how you go out and see friends that you haven’t seen for a while, maybe a month or so?

Well, one of the good things about that is that you can have a real good chat and a laugh about things you’ve done in that time and it’s all great because it’s all stuff you’ve not heard before.

But now, if you are Facebook friends with your mates and you meet for a catch-up, you already know what they’re going to tell you. And when they repeat the story, they just end up sounding like a boring family member that repeats the same old things every time they talk to you.

So, can I just suggest that everyone thinks twice before posting news on Facebook? Why not leave it to tell everyone what you’re cooking for dinner!