Pleased that common sense has prevailed on ship name

The new polar research ship
The new polar research ship
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So it looks like a campaign to name a new polar research ship Boaty McBoatface may be heading for a huge iceberg before it’s even set sail.

Science minister Jo Johnson said he wanted a suitable name that ‘captures the spirit of scientific endeavour’ – and that’s not Boaty McBoatface.

How would it look if a £200m ship docked at various ports around the world with a silly name on its sides?

Too right. Natural Environment Research Council ships are Royal Research Ships, so to have such a stupid name on this vessel would be ridiculous.

It might be great for a Club 18-30 booze cruise ship, but not a serious research ship.

I’m glad it looks as though common sense will prevail.

We are supposed to be a maritime nation.

How would it look if a £200m ship docked at various ports around the world with a silly name on its sides?

We’d be a laughing stock. It would also show the world the level to which our nation has ‘dumbed down’.

Would it dock next to its friends Roary the Racing Car and Thomas the Tank Engine?

I’m sure those who voted to name the vessel Boaty McBoatface would see it painted in various primary colours with a big smiley face on the front.

If you put something on the internet for people to vote on, it’s inevitable that the results are going to be crazy.

Yes, it was fun while it lasted, but it was never going to happen.

I can see the funny side, but it’s the kind of name you’d give something you’ve fashioned out of sticks and leaves and thrown in the water when you’re playing with the kids down at Hilsea Lido.

What about the people who would have to sail in her?

Experts in their fields, a job they’ve wanted all their life and they find they’re off to study the polar ice caps in a boat that look likes something off Cbeebies.

Can you imagine how much ribbing they’d get from other crews?

Other names suggested include RRS Henry Worsley, in honour of the explorer who died attempting the first solo unaided crossing of the Antarctic this year.

Then there is RRS David Attenborough. Much more fitting for such a prestigious vessel, I’d say.


Pompey make a play-off spot and then next day the city of Portsmouth comes just outside of the top 10 tourist destinations in Britain.

Not a bad couple of days for the city at all.

If you close your eyes on the way into Portsmouth and aren’t bothered by the traffic, once you get to Southsea, Old Portsmouth and Gunwharf etc I can see why it would be a hit with tourists.

There’s plenty of history, the maritime heritage and the nice open spaces along the seafront that many other densely-populated cities just can’t offer.

And then there’s the sea itself, a great part of Portsmouth’s attraction.

Now Southampton has a lot of what we’ve got, but it didn’t make the list.

What a shame.


John Wayne once said ‘life is tough, but it’s tougher when you’re stupid.’

I think the quote applies nicely to a Belgian woman who converted to Islam and moved to Syria after falling for a man she met in a supermarket.

Apparently life was nothing like what she’d been promised.

Fancy that!

Imagine thinking that taking yourself and the kids to a war zone was a great idea.

Whoever put the brochure together selling the place to her is not paid anywhere near enough money!

And I’m sure the estate agent earned his cash too.

‘This big RPG hole in the side of the building is perfect for providing natural air conditioning in the hot Syrian summers.’