Police chief should lose his pension and knighthood – Clive Smith

A policeman pointing a gun at Khalid Masood on the ground outside the Palace of Westminster
A policeman pointing a gun at Khalid Masood on the ground outside the Palace of Westminster
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A former commander in the Metropolitan Police has criticised Sir Craig Mackey for locking himself inside a car and watching one of his officers being murdered just yards away during last year’s Westminster terror attack.

Sir Craig was acting Met Commissioner at the time PC Keith Palmer was stabbed to death by Khalid Masood, who also killed four pedestrians and seriously injured 29 by ramming them with a hired SUV.

The inquest into the deaths heard that Sir Craig was told to stay in his car by a uniformed officer because he had no protective equipment and would have been in the firing line.

None of us knows what we would do in those circumstances. I’m sure we’d all like to think we’d step forward and do something. However, because of his position, should he not have taken some action? There’s nothing like leading by example is there?

There have been calls for him to resign and his position surely must be untenable. How can anyone beneath him have any confidence in him now? But he only has a couple of months left before he retires so he’ll just bury his head in the sand, take all the flak and disappear into the sunset with a fat pension.

He should lose that pension and it should be given to Keith Palmer’s widow. And while we’re at it, he should be stripped of that knighthood too.

I know it’s easy to criticise; it takes a brave man to run towards danger, but when you sign up to the police force that is expected. At least he could have got out and done something. Anything to help. It was a total neglect of duty which was unforgivable.

On one hand you have Millwall fan Roy Larner who shouted ‘**** you I’m Millwall’ before singlehandedly taking on three knife-wielding terrorists in the London Bridge attacks, suffering multiple stab wounds but in the process saving lives. Then you have one of the top bods in the Met facing a similar situation yet he sat in his car, locked the doors and watched a colleague get murdered.

As the saying goes ‘a brave man dies once, but a coward dies a thousand deaths’.

What a dinlo – it’s obvious there’s no Pompey dialect…

A study to investigate the Portsmouth accent cost more than £30,000 of lottery funding before finally concluding there was nothing to discover!

The research was carried out by A-Level students from Havant and South Downs College and they wanted to find out why the city’s dialect was so different to the ‘country’ one spoken in nearby areas. I’m assuming it was the ‘ooh aargh’ country bumpkin from Southampton compared to the ‘going dain tain’ of Portsmouth they were looking at.

After finding no evidence they decided to celebrate the accent instead. Celebrate? Did they have a party and by the end of the night were calling each other ‘dins’ and ‘squinnys’?

The cholesterol might kill me but I’ll have hair to die for

The latest weird study has found that a chemical found in McDonald’s fries could cure baldness. I reckon Ronald has taken time out from doing kids’ parties to do the study himself.

Are they cooking the things in Propeica nowadays?! They’ll be a new craze sweeping the internet in which bald men are seen hurdling the counter to dip their heads in the fryers.

It might cure baldness, but it will also ‘cure’ a healthy lifestyle. Supersize portions all round for the baldies!

So thanks to all the cholesterol I’ll die early from a heart attack, but who cares about that when I’ve got a full head of hair in my coffin. ‘A head of hair to die for’ they’ll be saying while I’m laid out in my open casket.