Policing the Bahamas? Show me where I can sign up now!

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STEVE CANAVAN: The case of the 'kitchen' door is open and shut

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When I read that a bunch of Hampshire Constabulary’s finest were going to be sworn in as special officers for Bermuda, I envisaged some sort of Death in Paradise set-up.

Officers would go over there, wander around sweating and pink, and clear up all sorts of crimes.

So I was a little bit disappointed to find out it’s more of a paperwork exercise so they have permission to search ships docking in Southampton from the Atlantic archipelago which may have been up to no good along the way.

I hope the officers will get a chance to visit Bermuda and, with Hampshire Constabulary also hoping to get similar ties with the British Virgin Islands and the Bahamas, where can I sign up to be a Caribbean crime fighter?