Pompey chimes herald summer

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Apart from the sunshine and warmer temperatures, there are so many signs that nicer weather has arrived on the south coast.

There are the obvious things such as hearing the ice cream van and its chimes signal a tasty treat has arrived on your street, as well as opening the curtains and letting sun flood every corner of the room.

But I’ve noticed other things heralding spring’s arrival, such as people walking along the pavement carrying a coat they had brought with them ‘just in case’. They realise they would start sweating if they wore it, so it is carried under their arm.

Another sign that winter is over is the lack of parking spaces on Eastney and Southsea seafronts as the great weather means hundreds are flocking to the coast.

My daughters signalled the start of the sunny season by asking to play in the garden. This meant I had to summon the gardener in me to spruce it up, although before that happens I need to find some spare change because the ice cream man doesn’t accept debit cards.