Pompey dream team unleashed

Popular pick - Robert Prosinecki
Popular pick - Robert Prosinecki
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The votes have been counted and verified.

Hopefully, we have avoided a reality TV show voting scandal and, although I would have been available for some cash-for-votes rigging, the phone hasn’t rung.

Nonetheless the moment for the big announcement – which I’m sure you are all waiting for with bated breath – has arrived...

What started as an innocuous question on a web chat at portsmouth.co.uk, has actually caught the imagination of Blues fans and grown into a real on-line talker in recent days.

What would be your ultimate Pompey five-a-side team?

We’re on about a team which would have you running for cover if they trotted out in opposition at one of the area’s small-sided football centres.

We’re talking a team that would smash all-comers if they happened to get a call to appear in one of those Masters tournaments they show on Sky in the summer.

My Twitter account has been creaking under submissions from the virtual Fratton faithful.

And the IT staff at The News are getting fed up with my email inbox being continually clogged up with fans sending across their considered thoughts.

And considered they most certainly are.

When it comes to picking a winning team you have to get the right kind of balance.

That means the correct blend of defensive quality and attacking force, the proper mix of silk and steel.

If you’ve gone for a hard man like Mick Kennedy or Bobby Kellard, you need him to be married with the creativity of a Paul Merson or Andres D’Alessandro. Fancy selecting a Noel Blake or Darren Moore in your side? Well make sure there’s a Duggie Reid or Mick Quinn to provide the goals.

All of those names featured in the voting list with the likes of Jimmy Dickinson, Jermain Defoe, Yakubu, Alan Knight and Paul Walsh prominent. So, however, were Matt Robinson, Yoshi Kawaguchi, Lee Mills and Jamie Vincent as choosing a horror team became the on-line vogue.

The names which have cluttered my various accounts have been waking me in a cold sweat in recent nights, as the ghost of nightmare Pompey players past have emerged.

As a nod to the popularity of picking a rubbish team, we’ve also delivered a final five Fratton flops from your picks – the Duffers.

But we’ve put that aside for a moment, as we give a Pompey pat on the back to the likes of Dan Brett (@DanBrett90) whose side contained four of the five chosen by readers.

And stand up and take a bow Alex Read (@AlexRead11) whose unstoppable five-a-side effort matched the most popular final selection of: David James, Linvoy Primus, Lassana Diarra, Robert Prosinecki and hitman Guy Whittingham.

Duffers: Kostas Chalkias, Carl Tiler, Azar Karadas, Giannis Skopelitis, Collins Mbesuma.

My side: Alan Knight, Linvoy Primus, Mick Kennedy, Robert Prosinecki, Paul Walsh.