Pompey fans even got me singing along

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Last Sunday afternoon I was on my knees squeegying my S-bend when I heard the roar of footie fans (Portsmouth v Southampton) on the TV.

I hate football and know absolutely nothing about it dear.

But I couldn’t be bothered to wriggle my cute chassis out from under the lavatory pan to change the channel.

And then – slap my thigh – I got interested, probably because it was Portsmouth playing.

I was fascinated with all the singing and chanting.

What amazing supporters Pompey have.

In the second half, a bit bored with the beautiful game, I hopped into the bath.

Splashing around in the bubbles, I suddenly found myself singing at the top of my voice ‘Play Up Pompey’.

Aargh...someone knit me a blue and white scarf.

Only joking!