Pompey piazzas? It won’t happen

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If it aint broke, don’t fix it’.

I’m on about Portsmouth City Council’s masterplan to pedestrianise Lord Montgomery Way.

Masterplan? That makes it sound like our council’s planning department is dynamic and forward-thinking.

But, like many of you, I don’t understand our council’s constant need to pedestrianise little chunks of our roads.

Lets face it, the new Palmerston Road precinct in Southsea isn’t that successful.

With the knowledge that buses can legally drive through, plus the odd illegal motorist, cyclist and skateboarder, it doesn’t exactly make for leisurely strolling for us pedestrians.

Anyway folks, I’ve got the PCC plan in front of me for the pedestrianisation of Lord Montgomery Way.

Well, it all looks straightforward. Change the one-way system into a two-way system.

Except I use that route from all the entrances regularly and I don’t see a problem with it as it is now.

Same as Locksway Road roundabout that suddenly appeared recently.

Again, another road I use regularly, and have never had a problem with – until now.

There used to be two lanes from the traffic lights going north, filtering into one lane, and the second lane became the right-hand turn into Locksway Road.

Now all traffic filters into one lane, thus creating a tailback of cars.

So I foresee the same happening with the high volume of traffic going south in a two-way system gridlock.

The traders in Lord Montgomery Way could suffer because of limited deliveries.

And then we have another chunk of concrete where revellers full of booze can congregate just over the road from Guildhall Walk. Whoopee!

I honestly think our planners look at pedestrianisation in Portsmouth through rose-tinted spectacles, as if we can have a cool cafe society or Continental-style elegant piazzas.

Sadly, it aint ever going to happen in Pompey love. Because of the ‘idiot factor’.