Pompey were turned into an example of football’s folly

COMMENT: Bandstand event is a victim of its own success

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It’ll be my voice booming out of the tannoy at Fratton Park this afternoon.

I apologise now for my enthusiasm, because Pompey have just pulled off their greatest victory.

In 2008 I stood on Southsea Common with my daughter. She was wearing a blue curly wig screaming ‘Blue Army’, but was two and didn’t know blue army from blue gouda.

For the past two years it’s been farcical. Spiralling debt, mismanagement, arrest warrants and unbelievable ineptitude by those in charge of the game made Pompey a living, breathing example of football’s folly.

Sadly, other teams are being sucked into the merciless financial vortex and won’t survive. But we did.