Popcorn maker is a big hit, but how long will it last?

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Last weekend my wife finally unpacked one of her Christmas presents and it proved to be a big hit.

She was given a popcorn maker – basically you load in your corn, switch it on for two minutes and then get ready to catch the popcorn as it shoots out of the spout.

This is a great machine and is the perfect accompaniment to a household movie night. It’s just like being at the cinema.

Lou reckons this machine will inevitably be used a few times, then end up gathering dust in the back of a cupboard somewhere.

I remember my wife was once given a foot spa as a gift. This was never, ever used and eventually she ended up re-gifting it.

I received a heated car window ice scraper a few years ago. You were meant to plug it into the cigarette lighter, wait two minutes for it to warm up, then scrape the windows,

I was never patient enough to wait two minutes and consequently I never ever used the heated ice scraper!

Lou: Everyone has got at least one. An item that you bought, or were given, that you used once or twice and then gave up on and shoved in a cupboard, not to be seen for years.

Like most women of her generation, my mum has a breadmaker somewhere. She went through a phase in the late ’90s, like everyone else, of making fresh bread every morning with this miraculous machine.

My sister and I both hated the bread which was stodgy, yeasty and not particularly appetising.

To give my mum credit she did persist for about six months, but neither hide nor hair has been seen of it since.

I considered asking for a juicer for Christmas, but in the end changed my mind for this very reason.

I just know I would get bored of having to clean it and never use it.

I’m convinced exactly the same will happen with Jez’s popcorn maker. I mean, who makes popcorn on a regular basis?

Unless he opens a cinema in the next week, that popcorn maker will be in the cupboard by the weekend, never to be seen again.