Portsmouth City Council’s bin collections are rubbish – Verity Lush 

Verity fears the too-small household refuse bins to lead to fly-tipping and rubbish piling up
Verity fears the too-small household refuse bins to lead to fly-tipping and rubbish piling up

I am wondering what the streets of Portsmouth are going to look like in terms of rubbish this year around December 26 and from there on in.  Given that we now all have teeny black bins, fly-tipping seems a distinct possibility.

It’s interesting that if you’re a household with more than a singleton living in it, then you can request a vast recycling bin.

I did so years back and have used it religiously for all recyclables ever since.

However, I note that households who have larger families living in them, do not get the equivalent size in their refuse wheelie bin.

Apparently, you can purchase a set of stickers that you can use for extra bin bags. 

I’ve not yet looked into this – partly because I can’t bear the council’s website.

I can’t stand it.

Google Portsmouth City Council plus whatever genre your query consists of, and you generally get directed to a big list of phone numbers with no actual info, or, you’re asked for a log-in.

So, you can sticker up some extra bags, but at a cost.

I’d understand that if every day were like Christmas Day.

But have a word with the toy manufacturers about excessive use of plastic before you take it all out on us lot.

I am all for recycling, and all for less plastic, and all for saving sea creatures from swimming with their little fins all tangled up in carrier bags. 

But I am not all for paying for the privilege of using some extra bin bags just once a year.

I am happy to use my new wheelie bin, but I am not happy that a single person living alone gets the same size bin as a family of however many.

I am also happy to walk to the glass bottle bank with my bottles and jars, and send them smashing into murky oblivion (quite therapeutic).

But perhaps the council could empty them more frequently given the smaller amounts of rubbish they now need to collect?

Larger households have more rubbish but, likewise, they contribute more to recycling too.

Forget elves on shelves –  parents have enough to do 

In a supermarket this week I was pleasantly surprised – and I was just as pleased when checking in on social media platforms. 

The cause of this pleasure is the lack of elves on shelves in homes and the myriad elves on shelves still in Tesco. In fact, the only person still bleating on about the little blighters with reverence and wonder, seems to be Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2.

Elf on a Shelf, while cute, is nothing but a money spinner, another way to stress parents, and another way of forcing a new tradition.

The best traditions come about naturally. Being guilted into elves when there are already calendars, gifts and the Dreaded Food Shop was just a step too far.

The Lush family tree is a Christmas whopper this year

The Christmas tree is up and it is a beast. Transpires that trees look much smaller in a field when they are with other trees, as opposed to in a house next to a sofa.

The girth of the beast has taken up the entirety of a bay window, and we are not talking small bay.

The height of the tree is both suitable and sensible but when the netting was removed from the beast and it sprung out on all sides, Mr Lush’s face was that of a man who has caught a glimpse of how much his wife really spends on the kids at Christmas.

Reminiscent of last year when I convinced him that a string of 1,000 lights would be beautifully ‘twinkly’ and we nearly lost our retinas.