Portsmouth homeless benefit from family kindness – Cheryl Gibbs

Provisions bought by Cheryl Gibbs and her family for homeless people in Portsmouth.
Provisions bought by Cheryl Gibbs and her family for homeless people in Portsmouth.
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I know it’s only February, but isn’t it cold out there? We’ve had such a mild winter up until now but with last week’s brief snow spell the temperature has definitely dropped. 

I was humbled to read in The News last weekend about the landlord of the Milton Arms pub in Portsmouth who is opening up the barn that’s adjacent to the pub to the homeless over the next couple of weeks to support those out in the cold.

They were offering free hot drinks and soup and a place to spend a few hours out from the snow. 

It really got me thinking about just how much we all take for granted.

I’m terrible for feeling the cold and we genuinely have the heating on most of the time we’re at home at around 27C and I sleep with two additional blankets. 

What a luxury that is compared to so many in our city who don’t have basic provisions, let alone the comforts of a house at that temperate.

This time of year is generally a struggle for people on the money front, but I thought that most people – i.e. my family – could afford to help out. 

I sent a text around asking if anyone would like to donate £10 so I could go and buy some provisions to donate to the Hope House Salvation Army Centre in Milton, next to St Mary’s Hospital.

Naturally they all said ‘yes’, so I rang the centre up to ask what they needed from us. 

I bought flasks for hot drinks or soup, a couple of sleeping bags, some water bottles, hats and gloves and I took it down on Sunday.

It wasn’t much – I ended up spending less than £50 and I bought all you can see in the picture, right.

I’m not saying this for praise. It wasn’t a solo mission, my mum and sisters and their partners all donated and it took about an hour out of my weekend to do it. 

But I hear so many people say they wish they could do more or they haven’t got enough money to do a big fundraiser, but you don’t need to. 

Any form of kindness is better than none.

Even if you just buy a hot drink to the next homeless person you see it will make all the difference to the people in this city who really need small acts of kindness. 

Liam goes from pop star to reality star to catwalk star

From Cheryl Cole to Naomi Campbelll…how on earth did One Direction star Liam Payne make that leap?

Apparently Liam, 25, is now dating the supermodel who is 23 years older than him

While age should play no role in love, I do wonder how he can go from Cheryl to Naomi.

It seems our boy Liam has been playing the field a bit since splitting from Cheryl – he’s also been linked to Love Island winner Amber Davies.

Supposedly Naomi and Liam were determined to keep their relationship under wraps but, let’s be honest, that was never going to happen. 

I don’t see this relationship lasting but stranger things have happened.

The world is divided over Liam’s ‘racist’ confession 

Actor Liam Neeson has come under some serious fire. 

In an interview for his latest  film he said a friend of his had been raped by a black man and it enraged him so much he would stalk the streets trying to find a black man to take out his rage on. 

Critics have called his language racist, while others, including the actress Whoopi Goldberg, have stood up for him. 

Liam is a public figure talking about something very emotive using language that is not politically correct. If everyone spoke out so plainly then society would never move on.

Some are crediting him for his honesty, others are condemning him.  

What do you think?​​​​​​​