Potholes and poor surfaces have ruined fun of driving

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Our traditional enjoyment of nice cars and driving in this country has been ruined by the poor state of the roads.

I’ve had sporty cars where riding on a rhinoceros would have been more comfortable. They’ve been in danger of removing fillings, but they’ve held the road like glue and still put a huge grin on my face.

But things have now got so bad that my father-in-law, who has treated himself to a Mini Cooper S, is regretting his decision. The daily commute to Southpotholeampton has ruined the experience.

My last car was a Mercedes-Benz C-Class with AMG sports suspension. She went like stink, but the ride was awful.

In fact, major parts of the front suspension system needed to be replaced when the car was just over three years old.

Because of all the potholes and poor surfaces, what I look for in a car these days has totally changed.

I now want to feel like I’m riding on a cushion of air.

It seems that UK governments see the car as the enemy. There are even plans to reduce the speed limit on the M3 to 50mph in places to meet emission targets. For heaven’s sake!

Meanwhile the Germans, who make the finest performance cars, are investing in a big way in their road network and still have no speed limits in place on stretches of their autobahns.

Go to France. As soon as you get off the ferry, the road surface becomes as smooth as silk, especially on the motorways.

All the world’s best-performing cars are tried and tested on roads in their own country.

Sadly, when they come to the UK they have to deal with big holes in the roads and surfaces that impair their performance.

Driving from Alverstoke to Segensworth every day in a sporty Merc wasn’t a pleasant experience.

Very rarely did I get the chance to use the car’s excellent performance.

For many, poor quality roads have ruined our driving enjoyment.

With that in mind, I’m more than happy heading to work in my soft, spongy Ford S-Max.

Because it’s more likely to caress a pothole than become part of it!