Pretend you’re travellers and you can stay there for years

CAP: Verity Lush was anxious and embarrassed about going for an intimate MRI scan - but now has to go through it all again!

VERITY LUSH: Oh, the indignity of an x-ray toilet

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Times have never been tougher for young couples trying to get a foothold in the housing market.

The determined ones – like 20-year-old Victoria Campbell and her boyfriend Bill Warden – try everything to help themselves.

They transformed her dad’s garden shed into living accommodation while they saved for a deposit.

But the jobsworths from Havant Borough Council have decided the structure ‘does not provide adequate living conditions and sets an undesirable precedent.’

It certainly looks habitable enough – so I have a suggestion for the couple. Pretend you are ‘travellers,’ contest the council’s ruling, enlist the support of Vanessa Redgrave – and you can stay there for another eight years at least.