Prince Andrew's interview has made his position even worse | Clive Smith

DAMAGED: The Duke of York being interviewed by Emily Maitlis. Picture: Mark Harrison/BBC/PA Wire
DAMAGED: The Duke of York being interviewed by Emily Maitlis. Picture: Mark Harrison/BBC/PA Wire
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So fed up that the Duke of Edinburgh has always been the go-to man for ‘car crash’ news, Prince Andrew obviously thought he’d have a go himself. Whether he’s guilty of what he has been accused or not remains to be seen. I’m not getting drawn on that.

Everyone will have their own thoughts and anyway, I don’t fancy seeing out the rest of my days in the Tower of London with just a few ravens for company.

I’m not one to often criticise the royal family, I think they are and should remain an important part of our country. But whoever thought it was a good idea for Andrew to do this interview has had an absolute nightmare.

Whether he’s guilty or not, that Newsnight interview has done him no favours whatsoever.

His reputation has taken a hammering in recent weeks and the answers he gave to the questions just made things worse.

Like the reason he gave about going to Epstein’s house after four years of no contact to tell him they couldn’t be friends any longer.

Couldn’t he have just not replied to his text messages? Left the WhatsApp messages ‘unread?’

Do you really need to fly to New York to do that? Apparently it was the ‘honourable’ thing to do though. Could he have used a worse word?

The thing is he’s done this interview and even more people are talking about it than they were before. It’s gone massive here and in America now. 

I know he said he can’t sweat any more, but I’d say he might want to stock up on the 48-hour antiperspirant because this isn’t going to go away any time soon.

In the old days he would have been packed off to somewhere like India, out of harm’s way, but I’m not sure it works like that any more.

With what has been happening with Harry and Meghan as well I imagine the Queen must be banging her head against the palace wall.

So this year’s Queen’s Christmas broadcast should be interesting. As will the family Christmas meal.

The usual crowd at Sandringham. Harry, Meghan and Andrew at the Woking Pizza Express… a large Margherita with a side order of pigs in blankets.

Catering for children’s eating habits is a minefield today

There have been calls for packed lunches to be banned in schools as they encourage children to become fussy eaters.

I’d have thought they’d be more than happy for kids to take their own. What money they miss out on would be insignificant compared to the hassle of catering for everyone’s needs these days.

Once, they just worried about the odd peanut appearing in the macaroni cheese. Now it seems there’s an intolerance or allergy for everyone. I’ve even got adult friends and family who’ve suddenly developed one.

Then you’ve got vegans, pescatarians, kids on low-protein diets or morbidly obese seven-year-olds who have never seen a lettuce leaf in their lives. It’s a minefield.

Virtual wild boar hunt in bar is not likely to incite violence

A bar has opened in London that has upset the tree-huggers. I know it doesn’t take a lot these days but is it really something they need to be getting the hump about?

The bar lets its customers take part in a virtual hunt in which they can pretend to shoot deer, moose, birds and wild boar.

I know it’s an odd thing to go to the pub for and its definitely not my cup of tea.

But, really. Is this  going to  incite  a load of drunken louts to descend  on the nearest farm after closing to smash pint glasses over  the heads of sleeping cows?

Next they’ll be waving their dopey placards about and gluing themselves to the entrance of clay  pigeon shoots.