Problem with cats is they’re too independent and aloof

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During my life I’ve owned two cats and at the moment I have a two-year-old Patterdale terrier called Daisy.

Lou and I regularly have the cats v dogs debate on our radio show and, as I often tell her, I think dogs are more fun than cats.

The problem with cats is they’re too independent and often aloof. In the end my two cats both wandered off never to be seen again.

One of them, Phoebe, would often bite you when you stroked her. My cats would never rush when I got home from work and sometimes would wander over to my next-door neighbours.

Dogs, however, are so much more loving and loyal, Daisy goes nuts when I return home, tail wagging at high speed, panting and racing around in circles.

She is also good at guarding her territory. Any strangers approaching my house will cause her to bark loudly for several minutes.

She loves playing tug-of-war in the garden with me and her absolute favourite game is fetching sticks from the sea.

I agree with the old saying ‘a dog is a man’s best friend’.

Lou says: Jez once told me that dogs are the only pet worth having because they’re useful.

I tried to explain that the point of a pet isn’t to be useful but to provide companionship and cuddles (although probably not the cuddles if it’s a snake).

He seems to think that just because a dog will bark whenever anyone comes anywhere near your house, that makes them a good pet.

I don’t like being barked at, I don’t like being jumped up on and I especially don’t like being slobbered all over.

Plus I’ve heard so many people say getting a puppy is like having a baby!

Don’t get me wrong. I know some lovely, beautifully-behaved dogs, but personally I’ve always been a cat person.

A cat is small enough to sit on your lap without your legs going numb. My cat always comes and says hello when I get home and will snuggle up on the sofa with me all evening.

She’s never chewed my slippers. A cat is also intelligent enough to go out by itself and not have to be led everywhere by its human.