Proof never to doubt this city putting on a party

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Like with so many grand plans in an embryonic stage, there were plenty of doubters when the initial bid was made for Portsmouth to stage an America’s Cup World Cup Series.

Would the city have the appetite for an event which even the most die-hard sports fan would struggle to tell you much about?

And would the effort and finances to fund a perceived pastime for the posh backfire?

Well, the resounding answer today is that Portsmouth is well and truly behind everything the America’s Cup has to offer.

That was shown earlier this month when 50,000 tickets were sold in just 48 hours for the qualifier to be held in Southsea this summer.

Just as impressive was the 10,000 tickets snapped up for those living in the PO1-PO6 postcode – showing the demand for the four-day event from residents young, old, and of all types of background.

Now, the appeal has grown at such a rapid pace that the event organisers have already unveiled details for how you can watch the action on a boat, as revealed on page 13 today.

Yes, room is running out to catch the fast-paced action from the seafront, so now they are having to move out on to the water.

The News has been behind the America’s Cup in Portsmouth since the moment we broke the story of Sir Ben Ainslie’s bid to base his Great Britain team in the city.

It is now gratifying for everyone who followed suit to see the excitement and demand for what is rightly being billed as the greatest sporting event to ever happen in Portsmouth.

We’ve always known the effort the people of this great city will go to make an event here a success.

Now we are getting solid proof of just what is in store this summer.

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