Proud to write for The News

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It’s now been three years since I started writing for The News and revealing all about my life as a Portsmouth dad, with all the joy and grey hair that it brings.

As I enter my fourth year, I still think back to the 13-year-old version of me delivering this newspaper to houses in the Copnor area.

The One Stop in Copnor Road was my first employer and at the end of the week, after delivering the newspaper every day except Sunday when there was no edition, I’d be paid the large sum of £5.

Well at the start of my teenage life that was a lot of money to me. Strangely it was someone else who delivered the newspaper to my own house and I took an interest in our local paper from an early age.

My earliest memory of The News was collecting posters of the Power Rangers, given away free with the paper when I was just 10 years old. Twenty years on and I’m proud to still be connected with The News and incredibly proud to bring up my children in our great city.