Pushchairs clearly aren’t man’s friend

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On a day out with my partner Serena and our two girls, there’s always a lot of luggage that comes with us in the boot of the car.

For a start, there are two large pushchairs. Then there are the bags containing all the nappies, wipes, spare clothes, etc.

On the return journey there always seems to be more items to fit in the limited space, especially if there has been a visit to the gift shop.

One thing I am good at is getting it all to fit in. Even if it looks like all the available space has gone and we might have to leave something behind, it will be my job to move things round so we can be on our way.

I see it as a challenge. Of course, the two biggest items are the pushchairs.

It would be impossible to fit them in the car unless they could be folded down. Luckily they do and then all the other items fit around.

To be honest, my input when we were looking to buy the pushchairs was minimal.

To me, a pushchair is a pushchair – maybe it’s a dad thing

So Serena took care of that side of things, and when she found one she liked and asked my opinion, I gave her a nod.

As long as it looked like a pushchair and did the job of a pushchair I was happy.

It seems like she has very good taste as when we’ve being doing a spot of shopping in Commercial Road, we’ve been stopped on several occasions by people asking where we bought the pushchair.

This wouldn’t have happened if I had been in charge of the purchasing. Passers-by would probably be wondering why my baby was travelling in something that resembled a wheelbarrow.

Unlike other baby-related items – like the bottle steriliser or the baby monitor – there’s no need to read the instructions.

With a pushchair, it’s simple. You just push. No instruction needed.

Well, that’s what I thought. Until we visited Caitlin and Alyssa’s grandparents at the weekend.

At the end of the day, Serena’s dad John was helping me carry the usual stuff to the car.

It was then that I wished I had read the instruction manual that came with the pushchair.

I was trying to fold it in half so that it would fit in the boot.

But embarrassingly, I couldn’t do it. I pushed and pulled every lever that I could find but it wouldn’t budge.

I then asked John to have a go.

And he couldn’t do it either.

I then sheepishly asked Serena to do it.

Annoyingly, she did it with one flick of her foot.

Quite a few ‘How many men does it take to fold up a pushchair’ jokes have followed.