Putting more people behind bars would be (loud) music to my ears

COMMENT: Bandstand event is a victim of its own success

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According to new research, loud music may cause people to drink more.

The results showed a positive correlation between loud music and the amount of time it took for men to empty their glasses.

When the music was loud, it took the average guy roughly 12 minutes to finish his drink, compared with about 15 minutes when the music was being played at a normal level.

This is interesting, but it does beg the question if this is true, why do gig venues never have enough bar staff working to cope with the numbers of people wanting a drink?

Every big gig I’ve ever been to, I’ve ended up having to spend at least 10 minutes queuing for a beer.

Why can’t this be sorted out?

You usually charge about a fiver for a pint of something awful in a plastic glass so surely you can afford to put a few extra bar staff on?

And on the drinking front, here’s another contr-oversy.

I went out for a drink with some friends the other night, and one of them wasn’t drinking, because he was on medication.

So when the time came for his round, he actually claimed that he shouldn’t have to get a full round in

because he was only drinking Diet Cokes and everyone else was on beers.

He suggested that he should only pay half towards the cost of his round because he couldn’t have any alcohol.

And he genuinely seemed to think that this was a sort of drinking rule that should apply all the time in groups.

So I just want to know if anyone else uses this as a valid drinking rule, or was he just talking out of his


Does anyone know? Because if he’s wrong, I want some of my money back.