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Last week it became necessary to buy a new kitchen accessory. It’s something I’ve not had in the room before.

I’m getting to that age where a new kitchen gadget, item or accessory can generate a certain amount of excitement and novelty value.

But this item that will be added to the room with the oven and the refrigerator did not generate any amount of excitement and it certainly did not have any novelty value whatsoever.

It was neither a pair of oven gloves nor a cookbook stand; not a no-spill salt mill nor a Star Wars ice cube tray.

All of these items I saw on sale while shopping for my new kitchen item.

Instead I spent my money on something that will stick on the wall and will be seen every day with its one and only purpose to jog my ever-so-confused memory

It’s commonly known as a white board.

It’s a fixture in many offices, schools, meeting rooms and workplaces, and now my kitchen.

I suppose it could go in any room, but the kitchen seemed the right place.

Why do I need one of these when I’ve managed all 30 years of my life without one, I hear you ask?

Well, with my five-year-old daughter Caitlin at school and my three-year-old daughter Alyssa at pre-school I’m struggling to keep up with their ever-so-busy diary of events and special school days.

Before half-term Alyssa’s pre-school sent home a note asking the children and parents to collect fallen leaves from trees during their week off school and return them after the break for a project.

This we did and Alyssa tells me she had fun sticking them together with glue.

Then a note arrives home from Caitlin’s school about a school trip that requires a slip to be signed and sent back along with a fiver to pay for her day away from school.

This was done and soon, with her classmates, she’ll be having a day away from school.

But a few weeks ago a note arrived at home which was read but sadly forgotten about and this is the reason for the new board in the kitchen.

The first day back at school after half-term was ‘pyjama day’ at Caitlin’s school.

All the pupils arrived at school wearing their nightwear, even the teachers.

So, that’s everyone in their onesies, nighties and slippers.

Everyone except Caitlin. Yes, I forgot. Luckily, living close to the school meant Caitlin was the odd one out for only five minutes after a quick dash home to get some pyjamas. But now when a note comes home from school it goes straight on the white board.

I just hope I remember to look at it.