Radiation fears for Bieber’s Japan tour

COMMENT: Bandstand event is a victim of its own success

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Justin Bieber’s stage crew are refusing to tour Japan next week amid health fears. The Baby singer is due to perform two nights in Japan on Tuesday and Thursday, but the production crew are allegedly refusing to go over concerns of radiation in the country, following the recent nuclear disaster.

And if radiation wasn’t a concern then eggs might be! An Aussie kid has just been charged with throwing eggs at Justin during a gig down under.

But, surely that shouldn’t be a crime, should it? Surely, for a pop or rock star it’s in the job description that you should have to cope with having things lobbed at you while you’re on stage? You have to take the rough with the smooth at live gigs. If you’re going to be allowed to have groupies as a perk, then you’ve got to allow people to chuck stuff at you while you’re playing as well. And, anyway, you shouldn’t get a criminal record for chucking eggs at Justin Bieber. You should get a commendation.

What’s more alarming is, Bruno Mars has revealed that he gets pelted with grenades whenever he performs his number one single Grenade on tour. He said: ‘Since I’ve been singing Grenade I’ve been getting more fake ones thrown at me. At first it was cute, now it’s beginning to spook my band out. With the stage lights on you can’t see anything. It’s dangerous and scares the life out of me.’

Gary Barlow says there is ‘too much’ talent in Take That now Robbie has rejoined the band and dynamics in the group have changed. Barlow says he and the rest of the group, Mark, Jason and Howard, have had to adapt their roles since Robbie returned. For that, read he won’t be around too much longer, I reckon!

The kooky quote of the week has to come from Kate Bush. She has revealed she has been inspired to write a batch of new songs by resting a bag of fertiliser on her piano. The Wuthering Heights singer said: ‘I was en route to the garden and put a packet of bone meal on my piano. It seems to be helping the blossoming of the songs so I thought I’d just leave it there.’ Catch Steve Power At Breakfast, Monday To Friday 05.30-09.00 on Wave 105.