Rain will stop play, Cliff will be there and we won’t win

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Wimbledon starts today and while I’m no fan of tennis, I love a fascinating fact.

Did you know that punters at the event will drink 300,000 cups of tea and down 17,000 bottles of Champagne? They’ll eat 30,000 portions of fish and chips plus their own body weight in strawberries.

But for the real statistics, you need to look to the tennis courts.

A Brit hasn’t won since Virginia Wade in 1977. And the last men’s triumph we had was Fred Perry – in 1936.

On a more optimistic note, there’s bound to be at least one sighting of a mahogany-stained Sir Cliff Richard this year, more ludicrous outfits from Venus Williams and tediously high levels of analysis about whether Andy Murray has what it takes to win in 2011. Can’t wait.